How to Use Crystals is an introductory course. With new content created just for this course, Sloane goes over the basics of how to choose, cleanse, and recharge your crystals. This new content also includes, a resources section listing useful books and websites to purchase crystals. Sloane has also included a new section on the difference between projective and receptive crystals, and where to place them on the chakras.

Based on her clients' needs and questions, Sloane has (for this course only) curated and organized essential videos from her YouTube channel into three important categories:  Must-Have; Projective; and Receptive crystals. This creates a cohesive understanding for your ease and learning. This course also includes an episode from Sloane's iTunes podcast, "Connecting to Crystals." 

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About the instructor


Sloane Rhodes, M.A.

Sloane Rhodes, M.A., Spiritual Teacher, Certified Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader, professional Tarot Reader, and legally ordained Minister offers mind, body, and spirit healing.Sloane's spiritual work, along with her popular YouTube videos and podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud deliver inspirational messages & healing energy to individuals in over 190 countries. Sloane facilitates alignment, healing, & transformation through her Reiki & energy work, psychic abilities, and guidance from the Angelic and Spirit realms. She is clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant.

Your interest in crystals is no accident! 

Crystals are amazing teachers!

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