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The Sloane Academy presents

Sloane's Spiritual Series


Three Pillars of Intuition ~ A Methodology for Reading Oracle & Tarot Cards

60% OFF! Now $34 ON SALE with code "finalsale" Sloane gives a detailed methodology that provides Readers with practical tools to ensure more comprehensive Readings and to help Readers gain more confidence in their natural abilities.


How to use Crystals

SALE 60% OFF Now $2.00 w/ code "finalsale" Intro course includes 17 crystal videos in three sections: Must-haves; Projective Energies; Receptive Energies. This course also briefly outlines the 7 chakras and where to place crystals for healing.


Spirituality Essentials

Sloane offers this free course showcasing an audio recording and videos that will give you a brief introduction to some basic areas within the spiritual and metaphysical field.


How to Get Started with Oracle Cards

60% OFF!! Now $10 with code "finalsale" Beginner course, over 1.5 hrs of videos. Sloane takes you through the process of choosing decks, shuffling, rituals, clearing cards, layouts, questions to ask & examples w/ the cards.


Each Sign ~ Monthly Life Purpose, Career & Money Tarot & Oracle Readings

This course is no longer available as an ongoing course. You can view past Readings at no charge.


Practical Spiritual Guidance

Twelve of Sloane's free audio podcast episodes categorized for your ease and understanding.